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Successful Case

  Case1—— Carbon fiber SMC system, Designed for lightweight automotive parts 

 Molding process: carbon fiber SMC molding





  Resin type: Ecoleader® EL6810Series

  Fiber content: >50%

  Molding cycle: <1min/mm

  specific gravity: 1.45g/cm3

  FeaturesEcoleader® EL-6810 series is a modified vinyl ester resin system developed for carbon fiber SMC.Reliable thickening is very suitable for C-SMC formula with high fiber content and low filling, providing excellent flowability for carbon fiber SMC molding.The high efficient curing speed can meet the requirements of the production cycle time of the automotive industry.By improving its binding with fiber, it can improve its strength, reduce its density, and finally make its weight loss more efficient.

  Case2——SMC resin system for high surface quality automotive exterior trim



  Molding process: SMC molding

  Resin type: Ecoleader® EL-6138 SYSTEM

  Molding cycle: <1min/mm

  Shrinkage rate: -0.05%

  Features: EL-6138 resin system produced by SMC molded auto parts, can achieve A class surface quality, while providing high quality and reliable parts products, but also can greatly reduce the labor cost and environmental pollution caused by the post-treatment.

  Case3——Relining used in pipe Trenchless repair

  In - place solidification of the pipe to relining

  The relining material is attached to the existing damaged pipe through the manhole to avoid the road collapse caused by the damaged pipe.Compared with the traditional excavation method, this technique not only saves the cost but also improves the efficiency.In addition, the new relining improves the corrosion resistance of the downpipe and has a long service life.


  Process: relining - water turning process

  Resin Name: Ecoleader® EL-5033

  Chemical type: Iso- resin

  perties: High Modulus, Good Toughness, Good Corrosion Resistance, and has a very good wetting and binding to the fiber.

  Case4——Seawater-resistant and wave-resistant pultrusion resin,  Marine nori cultivation pole


  Making Process: Pultrusion

  Resin type: Ecoleader® EL-400

  Resin type: Iso-phthalic resin

  Properties: good water resistance, good toughness, good at pultrusion process, and has a very good fiber wetting and binding.

  In traditional nori cultivation, bamboo has been used to insert into the sea floor and hang the cultivated nori seedlings.Bamboo generally used less than two years on the rotten fracture, the need for constant replacement;And its length is limited, it cannot be expanded to a certain depth of the sea, and its low strength and rigidity can not withstand the waves of the open sea.These problems can be solved by using EL-400 pultrusion glass fiber composite poles.After 5 years of seawater immersion, wave impact and natural aging, the poles produced by EL-400 still maintain a bright appearance, and the actual breaking rate is very low.